What happens in this class?

This is a fabulous workshop which will introduce you to intuitive art journaling in TWO sessions one week apart.

You do not need to be an artist, 'artistic', or consider yourself to be creative to fully take part in the workshop - all are welcome.

The workshop is focused on authentic expression of thoughts, ideas and emotions through the exploration of a variety of techniques including mark marking, symbolism, collage, adding images and words/letters, using inclusions, and more.

Not only can you use art journaling to express yourself, but also as a means to reconnect with your creative self and…

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Things to remember

Everything which you need for these workshop sessions are included although, if you are an artist or work with a creative medium, you are encouraged to bring your materials with you to incorporate this into your art journaling.

You are also very welcome to bring any small items of personal…

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