What happens in this class?

This is a body positivity workshop. No matter what age, shape or size you are - you are beautiful. Want to know why? Because you are you and that’s enough. The media portrays the right body shape to be the perfect size 10 with mean abs and a flat stomach, but that’s not the case for most women - or for Lauren the host of this workshop.

This Go L*ve Yourself Worshop is a body positivity workshop which is designed to help women and men accept their bodies and realise just how beautiful they are.

During the workshop you…

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Things to remember

Just bring your fabulous self!

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SZB undefined - December 11th
Lauren is really lovely and bubbly and my friend and I had a lovely time. Who know affirmation cards and glitter were so fun. My only wish was that it was longer. Thanks Lauren!
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