London School of Mosaic

Mosaic Study of Van Gogh in China, Crockery and Ceramics

A chance to explore the techniques of mosaic-making with broken china and ceramics whilst studying one of the world’s greatest artists.

One Day Course in Mosaic: Direct Method

Make a stunning mosaic whilst learning a variety of techniques, from classic to modern to create your own unique mosaic!

Introduction to Mosaic: Indirect Method

6 week evening course in mosaic for beginners. Work with ceramics and vitreous glass, using nippers.

Mosaic Making with Shells

Work with shells - maybe found on your holiday - to create patterns in mosaic.

Various Techniques Mosaic Course

10 week course for beginners and improvers, who wish to explore a variety of mosaic techniques and materials.

Introduction to Mosaics: Direct Method

Learn the basics of mosaic making using the direct method (directly onto a surface), and exploring the rules of mosaic.

Abstract Mosaic: Andamenti and Colour

Make an abstract mosaic using the range of andamenti and colours available in mosaic to create a stunning pattern and/or colour arrangement.

Mosaic making with Smalti

Weekend course creating a mosaic with Smalti using the traditional Hammer & Hardie technique