£11 pp
£11 pp
What happens in this class?

Check-IN TO Your Body is combining mindful curiosity with movement.

You will be guided to engage with your body, so that you begin to get a heightened understanding of what ranges of movements your muscles and joints are able to do, where you have too much movement in your joints and muscles, and where there is stiffness restriction.

You will be guided into correct alignment, to see whether once positioning your bones and joints differently, you are able to gain more precise movement that gets you feeling stronger and more supported in your whole body…

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What you will learn
  • Correctly align your joints and muscles
  • Self-assess your pelvic tilt
  • Create a happy arched or flat foot
What you will need
  • A yoga mat
  • Wear shorts or leggings
  • Make sure you can easily see your screen
Do I need to know anything about joints and muscles to do this class
Can I do this class if I have an injury
The class is aimed at helping you learn to move where you can move safely and avoid stressing or aggravating injury. You will learn how to move away from pain, rather than towards it.
Do I need to have done the Get Into Your Body Workshops to understand this class
No - this is a practice in it's own right, however, it is very sensible to also learn the Get Into Your Body Methodology
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