What happens in this class?

The Textile Touch Production, QC & Delivery Course (Modules 7-10)

In this final stage of the Textile Touch course, I will give you the skills and know-how to build robust, ethical, and sustainable supply chains, sourcing reliable producers helping you deliver your brand collection to the retailer or customer!

You will be guided from my 30 years of expertise in masterfully Designing, developing, and delivering unique style collections for some of the most successful and prestigious brands in Great Britain from English Eccentrics, The Ivy Collection to Buckingham Palace through my Company Bespoke Textiles. I will be assisting you…

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What you will learn
  • QC: What to look out for and control
  • Sealed samples, set sizing grades & final specs
  • Shipment sample checking & approval
What you will need
  • The Textile Touch Book (Essential Course Material)
  • Commitment & Communication
  • Passion
Who Is It Designed For?
Anyone wanting to convert design concepts into delivered products SMEs and entrepreneurs creating new product lines SMEs and entrepreneurs expanding existing product lines MBAs wanting to hit the road with advanced skills set, grounded in practical skills and know-how to launch their own collection Undergraduates wanting to bring forward practical skills and know-how into their design concepts.
Essential Course Material
My book The Textile Touch is a pre-course requisite. We will be referencing the book throughout the course and utalising it for 'homework' for most parts of the modules. Buy your copy via this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Textile-Touch-Five-Star-Hospitality-Signature/dp/1781333106
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Seven session course
7 classes

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